Patient Information:

Behaviour Modifications :

a) Eat slowly is a god habit. By eating fast you will fill your stomach more than you require.
b) Have regular meal pattern with frequent interval.
c) Never skip meals (3-4 meals)
d) Serve food in the smaller plate.
e) Enjoy every meal.
f) Eat wisely and le
g) When you are not hungry, you should not eat.
h) Eat always in pleasant atmosphere.
i) Last meal, that is dinner, should be around 8.30 pm.
j) Don't sleep immediately after taking your meals.

Food Hygiene :

1. Raw vegetables and fruits should be washed properly with clean, preferably boiled, water.
2. Don't cut the vegetables until just before cooking.
3. Don't over cook the vegetables or allow them to soak in water for long.
4. Used oil/ghee should not be used again.
5. The food you take should be cooked hygienically to prevent any infection.
6. Uncooked food should not be taken; avoid eating out.
7. Take only boiled water or mineral water.
8. Try not to have left over food, always have freshly prepared food.
9. You should have your breakfast compulsorily
10. .You should always eat in a sitting down position.