Guide Lines to Follow :


1. Do not sprinkle extra salt o food, salad etc.
2. Avoid papad, pickles, chips, salted biscuits etc .
3. Avoid aerated drinks (soft drinks).
4. Avoid all types of sauces like tomato , chutneys, vinegar.
5. Avoid butter, ghee, coconut oil, dalda, cream.
6. While eating boiled egg, eat the white of egg and remove the yellow yolk part. This will help to decrease cholesterol intake.
7. Avoid commercially available cakes, pasteries.
8. Avoid fried foods like samosas, puris, paranthas etc.
9. Avoid cream biscuits, gur, jams, jelly, honey, sweets (mithai), chocolates.
10. Avoid cream milk.
11. Avoid mango, chiku, bananas, grapes, dates (khajur).
12. Eat less of rice, potatoes, jimikhand, arbi.
13. When eating out avoid oily foods like vadas, papads and dosas.