Information About Specific Medications :

Tacrolimus :

is prescribed to prevent or treat organ rejection in people who have received a transplant. It is used for long-term (perhaps lifetime) immunosuppression. The capsules available are of 0.5, 1. and 5 mg.Tacrolimus should be taken 12 hrs apart - like 8am and 8pm.When you have to get your tacrolimus level checked, take the morning dose after the sample has been withdrawn ( bring your morning dose with you to the lab). This level helps to know your immunosuppression status and adjust the dose accordingly, as there is risk of rejection if the level is too low and side-effects if the level is too high. You need to be at a safe level in the middle.Avoid taking any grapefruit products (including juice) at the same time of day as this medicine, as it can alter the amount of drug absorbed.